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Pricing for Standard Services

Trip Fees


Trip fees are required to cover the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance. Distance for trip fees is calculated from Greensport RV Park to the job location.


$100 trip fee (up to thirty miles)

$150 after-hours trip fee 

Please call for trip pricing greater than 30 miles. Amount will depend upon fuel prices at that time.



Labor Rates


Labor rates cover wages for the technician as well as company overhead. There is a minimum 1-hour charge for the first trip.


$100 per hour for standard RV work (includes diagnostic evaluation, repairs, and potential estimates)

$150 per hour for RV work involving insurance and warranty claims*

$150 per hour for emergency after-hours work (plus add-on cost for major holidays)


*The additional charge for warranty and insurance claims covers the off-site office work required for contacting warranty/insurance companies, filing paperwork, getting authorization, and locating/purchasing parts.

Flat Rate Services


Air Conditioning Cleaning + Annual A/C Maintenance Check


1st A/C Unit: $125

Each Additional Unit: $100 


This service includes:

  • A full cleaning of the air conditioning unit to remove the debris and build-up that accumulates over time

  • A diagnostic check of the capacitor and thermostat

  • Cleaning condenser and evaporator coils

  • Performance of a Delta T test to check for efficiency




Tank Cleaning


1st Tank: $150

Each Additional Tank: $75


This service includes:

  • A multi-step power clean of the tank, reaching all corners and sides for removal of grease, sludge, feces, hair, food particles, soap scum, and other debris that builds up inside tanks. 



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